Coelrind Ltd

From September to December 2014 I worked at Coelrind Ltd, Coelrind are leaders in online learning and assessment software. My job there was as a UX consultant and Front-end developer helping to shape the task flows and user interface design for XAMS their online assessment platform.

My responsibilities included:

  • Information architecture, task analysis, interaction design, usability, prototyping for the UX side.
  • Developing requirements, assessing technology/platform decisions, programming and testing for the Front End Developer side.

Their current technology stack is Microsoft IIS, C# with .Net controls, which is being replaced by Angular.js with Breeze.js data management library, As part of my role I developed prototypes of new interface components using Angular directives.

xams from James Cat on Vimeo.

This is a few minutes out of a video demo I gave looking at changes I thought were worth considering made by responding to feedback tests users gave to me, you can see I sometimes switch to the .Net version and back to the Angular one to highlight the changes

My strategy was to quickly develop prototypes and then demo them to the team, with a tight feedback loop of about a week we could quickly try out new interaction ideas without getting bogged down with paperwork and lengthy descriptions of interactions.