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20 Paxton House
Morecambe Street
SE17 1DS

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Personal Information

Nationality: British

Technical Skills

Experienced JavaScript developer
(jQuery, BackboneJS, RequireJS)

Experienced web front-end developer
(HTML4/5, CSS2/3)

Experienced LAMP developer

Experienced web game developer
(Canvas, Dom, Box2D, LLJS)

Experienced OOP developer
(UML, Design Patterns)

Experienced in installing and configuring several Content Management Systems

Communication Skills

Delivered over 50 lectures and over 100 workshops to a variety of participants from primary school age to postgraduates to pensioners.

Presented a series of talks on web tech. at the Take Away Festival of New Media, Dana Centre, Science Museum.

Prepared and delivered several presentations to other staff members to determine technical strategy

Team working Skills

I usually work as part of a team, working with managers, technicians and administrators to ensure projects were finished on time to the right specifications

Organisational Skills

Developed administrative systems for artists co-operative,managing finances and legal status

Project managed many projects with budgets up to £30,000

Professional Experience

January 2014 – May 2014: Javascript Developer, Tag Worldwide

Developed v5 of Tag’s MRM saas platform. Worked across the technology stack:
BackboneJS, jQuery, Handlebars, Bootstrap/Less, NodeJS, Bespoke NoSQL JSON Server.

Agile behaviour driven design, test driven development, continuous integration
using Atlantean tool suite (Crucible, Stash, BitBucket, FishEye, Jenkins)

September 2009 – Present: P/T Web Developer, Goldsmiths

Created web based booking system for Media Equipment Centre, created ‘drop-in’ video component system for main college website, began conversion to SMACSS CSS architecture, created podcast management system, converted site to work with scalable CSS grid, created mobile optimised version of main college website.

March 2009:

Implemented pop up video wall using JavaScript, site owners can easily update and categorise the video wall content. Site also features personalized pages for subscribers and viral ‘send this clip to a friend’ functionality

December 2008 – January 2009: ArthurCox

Promotional website for animation company. Features: pop-up streaming video, animated menus, automatic interlinking. Powered by simple to use WordPress CMS so editors can add new work samples and news stories easily

August 2008 – November 2008

Website for Cooltan Arts Charity. Features include: Photo-gallaries, Automatic Podcasting, Embedded Video, Ajax navigation. Designed to be updated daily by volunteers with minimal training.

August 2007 – February 2008: Agraphia.

Adobe Flex based photo-gallery site with a PHP/MySQL/XML backend

February 2007 – February 2008: Funny Farm.

ActionScript developer for Flash based CD-Rom to promote positive mental health, features Flash games, component architecture, XMLEFF layout engine,

mp3 audio, FLV video.

May 2006 – August 2007: Space Media, Hackney.

Technical Director for Front and back end development of the site, The site is a combination of social networking tools and recruitment website targeted at new entrants to the creative industries. Constructed with the Drupal Framework.

August 2005 – May 2006: Ravensbourne College of Design and

Communication, Chislehurst.

Lecturer and System’s Administrator, Preparing and delivering lectures and workshops in web application development on the MA Network Media Environments programme.Technician and system’s administrator to the Network Learning Lab, a spur off the wider college network for experimental projects providing web, database, streaming media and file-sharing services.

February 2001 – February 2003: Institute of Gerontology, King’s

College, London Designed and implemented the first online tool to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborative research at King’s College. The software allowed profiles of projects and researchers to be tagged and entered into a searchable and browse-able online database. Also designed and produced a manual and delivered training sessions to users.

March 1998 – September 2009: SafetyCat Ltd., London

Started this interactive digital media development and training company in partnership with Elvina Flower, developed business strategy, financial management and marketing. Achievements include:

  • Created 4 CD-ROM based educational games for children published in conjunction with a series of books produced in several European languages.

  • Participated in Tech-Nicks a 6 week arts event at the Lux Gallery, London creating a software tool to help disseminate documentation of the event. The Software was a very early podcasting prototype.

  • Took part in Open/e/d a collaborative project between the educational department of the Arts Council of England and the British Educational &Technology Agency (BECTA) to create an online resource for arts education.Developed an alternative visual interface for on-line resource and knowledge sharing.

  • Created ‘Know your rights’ kiosk used in the Millennium Dome Exhibition.


9 GCSE’s (A) including Maths and English

4 A-levels Biology A, Chemistry B, Maths B, GeneralStudies B

1991-1994 BSc (Hons): BiologyManchester University

Areas Studied:

Molecular Biology, Physiology, Computer Simulation,

Complex Systems, Organisational Management

Science, Culture and Society and Evolutionary Theory

1995-1996:BTEC(HND) Multimedia Production – Lambeth College (Distinction)

2008-2011:MSc Computer Science – Birkbeck University of London (Merit)

Thesis: A Framework for Rapid Development of Games and Simulations for use in Web Based Virtual Learning Environments.

Interests and Activities

I have always been interested in combining my creativity with technology, In 1986 I was part of a trio of school pupils who developed a school based arcade game (much to the computer science teacher’s dismay as he disapproved of computers as entertainment) Since then I was waiting for digital media and the internet to be invented in order to indulge my interests.

I have worked on several of my own and other people’s art projects as well as volunteered on many community projects, the latest one at Cooltan Arts, a charity providing creative arts workshops mainly targeted to mental health service users.

In my spare time I have created websites, written short stories, worked on a novel, started an internet radio station and created several radio programs, read many books, leaned some TaiChi. I enjoy traveling and I feel this experience has broadened me as a person and improved my communication skills.


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